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Okon Athlete Spotlight: Sydney

transformation Mar 30, 2018

Who is Sydney?

I am 24 years old, married, and live in North Loop MSP. I am absolutely love life, people, and all things fun!

What made you want to start your fitness journey?

I absolutely love everything about health & fitness; challenging myself, setting goals, and seeing progress! I love the feeling of putting in hard work to push past limitations, the endorphin highs from exercise, the energy I get from eating healthy, , and the sense of confidence that comes with feeling good in my skin. So starting a real fitness journey with a plan seemed like the PERFECT thing to do!

What inspires you most?

Seeing other women step into their greatness with the confidence we all deserve; loving their bodies, full of energy, and surrounded by supportive/loving friends!

What have been the biggest obstacles during your prep?

Simply the amount of social events I had during prep, not turning down the food & drinks at the events but making sure I planned ahead and had enough meals packed!

Why did you choose to work with Angie Marie as your coach?

I grew up playing sports year around and absolutely loved it; the high energy, the training, the team culture, and competition :) Once organized sports were out of the picture I wasn’t sure where to start but dove into weight lifting and immediately fell in love with it!

But there was a couple things I was really missing; culture & community of a team bond as well as any rhyme or reason for what I was doing with exercise and diet. I knew how to eat “healthy” but not how to eat FOR my goals or what was best for MY body, it was a constant battle!

After following Angie for quite some time; seeing the incredible team camaraderie she has created with team Okon, her authentic passion for helping people, how hands on she is with her clients, how educated she is in the field of health/fitness, and how much FUN she made the journey, I knew she was the perfect person!

I knew how to eat “healthy” but not how to eat FOR my goals or what was best for MY body, it was a constant battle!

We hear you just competed in your first NPC Bikini Show — How exciting! Do you feel this program helped you feel confident on your big day?

Absolutely, there was not a single day I felt like I was in anything but the best hands possible! Angie was beyond encouraging/supportive every single day, pouring endless belief into me, compassionately challenging me to push harder, and constantly educating me along the process so I felt confident every step of the way!

What advice would you give to other first time competitors?

Make sure you are doing this for you — no one else! Also, make sure that you are willing to put in the work; getting up early, workouts when you don’t feel like it, meals you don’t feel like eating, saying “no” to things you normally would say “yes” to, and pushing well past your limits. It is a big challenge, an incredible journey, and so much fun …. however there are going to be haters, there are going to be hard days, but if you have unshakeable belief in YOU & you are ALL in, you can do it!

Being a busy hard working woman, how have you managed all the things in your life?

TIME MANAGEMENT! I am not a naturally scheduled person but I had to become that when I started prep. I planned my week on Sundays; meal prepped the meals I needed while on the go, made sure they were all ready for the next day the night before, scheduled my workouts into my days even if they were inconvenient times for me, and ALWAYS prioritized those things over any “extracurriculars” like social events!

Have those around you been supportive?

I would say the people closest to me were all very supportive, I certainly had naysayers but they are not people I would consider “friends” so had to learn to brush it off…this wasn’t always easy but Angie was such an incredible support and example during those times and helped me turn that into fuel to push harder, and that we did!

Do you have any quotes or sayings that you live by everyday?

“She believed she could, so she DID” (that is my favorite)

What is some advice you have for someone who is just getting started in fitness?

Love the process & love your body through the process! Give yourself grace as its never going to be perfect; if you do slip up just get back on track and don’t let it blend into the next day….a little slip will not derail all your progress if you get back on track. And my NUMBER ONE piece of advice would be; have patience! It did not take you 1–2–3 weeks to get to where you are and it will not take 1–2–3 weeks to get to your end goal, it takes time and dedication! This is a lifestyle and its meant to be fun; so find joy in the journey and know you can do it! You deserve it!

It did not take you 1–2–3 weeks to get to where you are and it will not take 1–2–3 weeks to get to your end goal, it takes time and dedication!

Left (2016) - Right (2018)

Fun Facts about Syndey

  • Favorite healthy meal — oatmeal
  • Favorite cheat — pizza
  • Favorite lift — sumo deadlifts
  • Favorite physical trait on you — legs


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