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Optimize Muscle Recovery While Building Lean Mass

What to prioritize to maximize your gains, bro.

Fitness has many different chapters and seasons where our focus can vary from losing to gaining. Oftentimes we start off wanting to lose body fat and see the scale drop, so losing is usually the first step. This is typically followed by the desire to pair that fat loss with muscle gain or as many say “toning” (my least favorite definition but we will roll with it). This is the desire to see the muscle definition once we remove the layers of fat that prevent us from seeing those strong beautiful full muscles, lol.

Now somewhere between wanting to lose body fat and wanting to see muscle, there is the process of building lean muscle mass. The hard part about putting on muscle is 1) it is hard work, and 2) it takes time… like a lot more time than losing body fat. We tend to get frustrated when it comes to building muscle as it can be a longer, slower process, and due to this many give up as we are so used to instant...

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