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After competing for nine years, and getting my pro card, I have learned the hard way the elements needed to get ready to compete. Get my guide now to learn exactly what you need to succeed. Price: $47 $19.99


"This bikini guide is a life saver! Having an experienced athlete like Angie guide me through the process saved me so much time and money. It is definitely worth every penny!"

Cora W.
Bikini - National Competitor

"I wish I had this guide going into my first bikini competition! So helpful even after competing too....a complete breakdown of everything you want to know - need to know - & wish you knew when it comes to competing!"

Sydney H.
Bikini Open - 1st Place Overall

How To Find A Coach

It's easy to find a coach..it's a little more difficult to find a good coach. I will share with you the elements of what I believe a great coach is.

Learn The Costs

Competing in a bikini competition is not cheap, and it's not easy. But it can be very rewarding. I give you my insight from almost a decade of experience in how to save money, and still look great for your show.

Feel Truly Ready

I remember when I first stepped on stage, I didn't feel prepared. You may not feel fully prepared, but you should know what to expect. My guide will tell you exactly what to expect, what to do, and how to be fully prepared if you choose to compete.

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