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Commit To A Lifestyle, Stop Fad Dieting

If you have tried over and over and failed, one of the main reasons could be you have tried unsustainable practices.

  1. With most muscle building programs, you gain two pounds of fat for every pound of muscle.
  2. With most fat loss programs, you lose one pound of muscle for every two pounds of fat.
  3. Low carb programs kill your physical and mental performance, and wreck your body.
  4. Most programs will hand you your program and tell you to 'figure it out.' This program will help you learn how to continually progress towards your health and wellness throughout.

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What My Program Includes

This program is a 6 week program built to help you create habits week over week to help you set and achieve your fitness goals

Week 1: Starting Package

The first week of your program you will receive your workout program (home & gym workout), get taught how to calculate your macros, and learn how to meal prep.

Week 2: Choosing Goals

Once you have a week of doing the workouts and meal prep, I will guide you how to put together your goals. This is important to make sure your goals are realistic and measurable. 

Week 3: Meal Prep Guide & Fat Loss Schedule

This week I will go in depth about meal prep, tools you need to be and stay successful, as well as how to put together your schedule in a way that will help you live the healthiest lifestyle possible and how to schedule your meals around your workouts for optimal fat loss.

Week 4: Sculpt

Whatever obstacle many have when it comes to fitness, so many obstacles derive from not having enough knowledge about the gym and how to use equipment. This week will guide you through the gym, and also teach you how to use cardio to help you lose fat and retain muscle.

Week 5: Nutrition Guide

This week is loaded with insight to help you navigate the myths about food that many believe. I provide insight about IIFYM diet as well as a guide to help you choose healthy and find a lifestyle that is sustainable no matter if you're at home or out with friends.

Week 6: Queen Mindset

You may think that your success or lack of success is due to your time at the gym or in the kitchen, but most of my clients see success in their mindset and then see success reflected in the mirror. This program will give you the tools you need to create a powerful and success mindset!


My name is Angie Marie and I am an IFBB Bikini pro and an online coach. I have helped hundreds of women create the life they deserve through my programs. I have taught them to live a life that they can take control of and be happy and healthy. My goal is to empower women to learn the Queen Mindset and to learn the practices that make the difference between those who succeed and those who fail. 

In my Queen Lifestyle Program, I teach the Queen Mindset, the tools you need to learn how to create the body of your dreams, and to help you succeed nutritionally for the long term. 

"Okon fitness has helped me tremendously with their extent of knowledge and support and providing me with the workouts and meal plans I need to be successful. "

Erin G.
VIP Transformation Client

"Angie motivates you, pushes you, and does everything she can to make sure you succeed. She puts thought into the workout and meal plans and helps you achieve your goals."

VIP Transformation Client
Amy O.

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