It's time to take things seriously.

Now introducing the OKON STRONG 30. 30 days that will challenge, encourage, and push you to be your very best.

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I created these RULES that MUST be followed during the strong 30. Here are the guidelines of the 30:

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  • Take day one photos like provided by the coaches as a example
  • Take a progress photo every morning for yourself this does not have to be like your day on progress photo but just an accountability photo

  • Complete all scheduled workouts as well as one activity a day whether it’s a walk, bike ride, workout class, just get active and get moving!

    Follow your food guidelines stick to the foods that are approved. There is no cheating in this 30 days + if you do you are cheating yourself!
  • Set a fitness goal to accomplish in 30 days - share this with everyone
  • Create a routine. Wake up time. Eating times. Training times. Stick to it.
  • Each week you will focus on mindset. Whatever is the start of your week you will write down what you want to accomplish you will vocalize those goals to yourself and to the group.
  • You will write a daily reminder day one of what you were doing this for and you will write it somewhere you see this daily whether it is your background on your phone a note in the mirror or on your refrigerator so that you remember why you were doing this
  • You will not look at a mistake or a failure as an excuse to give up you look at it as a lesson and get back up and continue with what you set out to do
  • You will remain in consistent contact with your coach
  • Set one non-fitness goal to accomplish in 30 days (mine to do a podcast)
  • No alcohol. None. Zero.
  • You will complete the full 30 days + take a photo ... if you loved it + you truly completed the 30 you will continue with us to complete the strong 60

If you believe this is something you can commit to these next 30 days, then go ahead and click the button below to reserve your spot for the STRONG 30.