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My VIP Transformation Program is not for the faint of heart. I am not easy on my team, and I ensure that my clients pursue their goals and stay motivated. Are you up for the challenge?

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Your Empowerment Coach

As you can see, I didn't always look like I do now. The picture on the left was of me back in 2009. The one on the right is a 5 pound difference but a complete change in my body composition (taken in 2016).

I made some wrong choices in my life and ended up in a place where I lacked confidence, was unhappy with myself, and was lost without a purpose. I spent most of the weekends drinking and partying, and then feeling awful by Sunday. I would then do it over and over again every weekend.

With the drinking and partying came a bad attitude, anger, and mindset about life. I was not my true self and I was not living the life I knew I could.

Until the day I had had my moment. The day I had had enough of the negative mindset and bad attitude. This was the day, and it was the day everyday since then. The day I woke up, I mean really woke up, and just decided I was GOING to change my life. I didn’t say MAYBE, I didn’t say TRY, this was going to happen for me.

By thinking with this mindset, I made it impossible to fail at what I set out to do because I knew that my life had purpose, and it was up to me to make that happen.

I knew that to be happy and confident I needed to love myself, and much of my self loathing was physical. So I started small and began biking to the free gym at the university I was attending. I researched healthy foods and educated myself on nutrition and health and I found a coach.

How This Program Is Different


If you think you can get away with cheating every so often, this program is not for you. We require our clients to stay accountable and to make sure they continue toward their goals they set when they first began to work with me. Weekly check-ins are mandatory!


Team Okon is not just a fun thing to say, it's a family. We encourage each other with memes some days, and share our struggles on other days. I believe that in the saying "if you want to go fast (and likely fail) go alone, if you want to go far, go together."

Customized Meal Plan & Workout Program

If you've ever heard cookie-cutter or experienced cookie cutter diets, this is not the place you will experience this problem. Each individual is different, and their diet is completely different as well. This is why you fill out an extensive application and an additional one before you begin.

Sign up for my LIVE masterclass this next Thursday! I'll teach you the three secrets to getting the body of your dreams!


Each of these clients have been through my VIP Transformation Program and have completed it. They each have unique stories, and also have taught me much. I have shared links to some of the stories of these women as well as well as their results after working with me.


Most reviews are biased, so I am here to tell you all the truth about Okon Fitness. This program goes beyond fitness. It will help develop you physically & mentally, and completely transform your life! I was never into fitness before I started my program. My 12-week program got me down 30 pounds,..they saw potential in me, that I couldn't see alone.

Results: 30 lbs lost | 24% Drop in Body Fat | 24 Weeks


Okon fitness has helped me tremendously with their extent of knowledge and support and providing me with the workouts and meal plans I need to be successful. She has taken all of the guess work out of it for me so all I have to is focus on prepping the meals and show up to put in the work. She is responsive and supportive but is also there to make sure that I'm successful.

Results: 8% Drop In Body Fat | 24 Weeks

Apply For My VIP Transformation Program

Nutrition Made Simple

This 12 Week VIP Transformation focuses on helping educate you as well as provide you with a program that you can follow without having to work on making sure you are following the proper macros. You receive a complete meal plan that accounts for every gram of fat, protein, and carb for each day with some flexibility once you hit your goals.

Weekly Check-Ins

Throughout your time with us, you are required to check-in each week so that we can review your progress and help you continue to progress toward your goals. This will help you accelerate your progress, and give you the motivation and help when you aren't doing so well. You can share your wins, your losses, and go on this journey together.

Crafted Workout Programs

Do you know what a gauntlet set is? How about a pyramid set? Don't worry, we wont throw a bunch of stuff at you until you're ready, but our programs implement techniques that will help you progress faster not only through your meal plan, but at the gym as well.

Meet The Team

I've put together my team to help you succeed. Together we help you achieve your goals and see success as 93% of my clients have achieved

Angie | Empowerment Coach

Through a decade of experience, I am here to help you achieve your goals! With an initial call to discuss your initial goals, and creating your perfect plan that fits your optimal lifestyle.

Cora | Success Coach

As a national bikini qualifier and passionate about health & fitness, Cora is one of our amazing success coaches, available to help you succeed

Sydney | Success Coach

With her NASM and Precision Nutrition II certification, Sydney is happy to serve you as one of our amazing success coaches, here to answer your questions and help you succeed!

Custom Training App

Your custom meal plan, access to your coach, and your custom workout program right at your fingertips.

With access to our client-only custom app, you will be able to track your workouts, cheer on those who are on your team, as well as send questions to your coach throughout the week. You'll love it as much as our clients do!

Transformation Programs

These are the options included for my Transformation Programs, the lifestyle program goes for 8 weeks, and you can see what it includes below, and my VIP Coaching program goes for 12+ weeks, which includes a dedicated coach with check-ins.




§ Onboarding

§ App Access

§ Supplement guide

§ 1-on-1 coach access via app messenger

§ Connected apps: Fitbit, MyFitnessPal

§ Custom Macros

§ Nutrition Guide 

§ Lifestyle support group

§ Lifestyle Workout program (home, gym, studio)

§ 4-5 Hours of education

§ Track progress through photos each week in-app

§ Goal setting zoom group call (during pre week)

x NO meal plan

x NO weekly check-ins/evaluations

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VIP Coaching



§ Onboarding

§ App Access

§ Supplement guide

§ 1-on-1 coach access via app messenger

§  Connected apps: Fitbit, MyFitnessPal

§  Custom Macros

§  Nutrition Guide PRO

+  VIP support group

VIP Custom Workout program (updated every 4 weeks)

+  15+ Hours of education

+ Monthly education/motivation videos

Custom meal plan

+  Weekly check-ins/evaluations with coach

+  Macros adjusted as needed

+ One on one coaching call with Angie (goal call)

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Throughout the time I have been an online coach, I have received numerous questions, and wanted to answer as many as possible before you choose to possibly work with us.

  1. Do You Offer In Person Training?
    • Only for local clients -- most of our coaching is done online and through check-ins through our custom app. You will have a chance to do a call/skype session with me though before we begin though.
  2. What kind of diets are you familiar with?
    • We have had clients who are vegan, vegetarian, high carb, low carb, gluten free, and have had different allergies. Everyone's body is different, so it really does depend on the specific person. 
  3. What if I don't go to a gym and workout at home?
    • You are still able to join our VIP Transformation program. We have had many clients who either worked from home and didn't have a gym membership, or were stay at home moms. We do encourage our clients to join a gym, but you can still see great progress from home.
  4. How does the process work?
    • Once you fill out your application or reserve your spot, depending on the program, you will need to fill out another questionnaire about your diet, schedule, and where you are currently at measurement-wise, and then we will get started on your program. Usually clients receive their program on average 7-10 days after they are accepted, and begin the following Monday.
  5. Is there a refund policy?
    • Our policy for all of our programs is a 30 day full refund policy. If you haven't seen results after the first 30 days of following my program, we will refund you, no questions asked!

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