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These resources have been reviewed by myself and my team and approved to help you in a few different areas of your health and wellness journey.  


If you know me at all, you know that I am not one to promote supplements. The reason I don't promote most of them is due to the fact that I don't normally like them or use them.

Let me explain. Most supplements make claims that they are useful, but then go and put a ton of crap in the protein. This is not the case with 1st Phorm. These are the products that I recommend to my clients, and I don't take that lightly.

My team and I have went through training specifically to get to know the products that we believe are great supplements that can help many achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether you're trying to get some extra protein in a pinch, or you are looking to ensure you get your micronutrients, the following supplements are ones I recommend.


Daily Essentials

This is the foundational daily stack. This daily stack gives you the tools to fuel your body with proper nutrients and stay consistent with nutrition. You will also be able to fuel your body pre and post workout with the Phormula-1 protein powder.

Opti-Greens 50

Has all the minerals from fruits and vegetables that we should be getting but don’t eat. Helps with energy, bowel movement, digestion and bloating.

My Process Of Using It:

Add 2 scoops to 8 ounces cold water or juice and mix well. For best results, drink immediately after mixing and have 1 or more servings daily.



Maximum Assimilation and Amino Acid Retention Speeds- Up Muscle Repair and Growth. This is a quick absorborbing pure whey isolate protein. Phormula-1 provides an ultra bio-available, rapid assimilation protein source that is ideal for proper post-workout nutrition.

My Process Of Using It:

Phormula-1 was formulated specifically to work in tandem with Ignition for ideal recovery and muscle tissue repair after periods of moderate or intense training. Be sure to track the carb intake from ignition as part of your daily macro intake.

As a pre-workout shake, take 1⁄2 scoop Phormula-1, with 1⁄4 scoop Ignition

As a post-workout shake, take 1 scoop Phormula-1, with 1⁄2 scoop Ignition



Micro Factor provides your body with the full spectrum of nutrients it needs for overall healthy operation, to perform at its peak, and recover properly. Make Micro Factor priority #1 and be rewarded with all the benefits. With every packet of Micro Factor you get the nutrients of 6 different supplements!

My Process Of Using It:

Micro-Factor is a daily vitamin pack. Take first thing in the am with a meal.


At Home Health Tests

Over and over I hear clients ask about how what they eat may be affecting them. Whether it's if they are experiencing bloating, lack of sleep, or they are unable to see fat loss, these are the tests I recommend you to take if you are having issues like this.


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