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Lifestyle Program: Fast track to fat loss

Sign up for my Lifestyle Program - this 8 week program will get you on the right track toward your goals giving you a workout program that you can track through our mobile app, you get macros assigned to you, and you have community of others who are on the same fitness journey as you. 

-Defining goals and creating a timeline for them - $20 Value
-Nutrition guide  - $37 Value
-Home/Gym Workout Programs (depending on needs) - $50 Value
-Nutritional Education to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle - $47 Value

Bonus Items:

-Complete Healthy Shopping Grocery Guide - $27 Value

-Eat This, Not That Complete Guide - $29 Value

-Meal Plan Outline - $97 Value

Disclaimer: This program provides meal outlines that you can follow, as well as grocery lists, but it provides a flexible plan to help you learn healthy eating habits. This program is meant to help you with your macros and workout programs, and you will be given a meal outline you can choose to reference/follow, or connect My Fitness Pal and track your own meals.


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