Okon Fitness is everything you will allow it to be. If you put in the hard work, they will put in just as much work to help you reach your goals. It's a great mentality to be around, and everyone is supportive! There are so many things I've learned over the last year that I wouldn't have been able to do on my own. I am grateful!

Results: 8 lbs lost | 12% Drop In Body Fat | 24 Weeks


Most reviews are biased, so I am here to tell you all the truth about Okon Fitness. This program goes beyond fitness. It will help develop you physically & mentally, and completely transform your life! I was never into fitness before I started my program. My 12-week program got me down 30 pounds,..they saw potential in me, that I couldn't see alone.

Results: 30 lbs lost | 24% Drop in Body Fat | 24 Weeks


I would recommend Okon Fitness to my friends because it's a brand like no other. Angie treats each client as such, each client. You aren't just a number, another candidate, or another bill paid. You're someone who Okon Fitness genuinely wants to not only help, but to succeed. In addition to that, they give you the tools to be able to succeed long after your program/prep is over. I'm glad that I worked with Okon Fitness...I'm a LIFER!

Results: 20 lbs lost | 14% Drop In Body Fat | 28 Weeks


Seriously, thank you for all you’ve done! Angie's passion has changed so many lives including my own. I had no idea how far off the grid I was going but Angie helped me reclaim my health, confidence, and mindset! I know I’ve had struggle weeks but ultimately I know that I am changed forever and will continue to work towards a healthier and happier ME!

Results: 24 lbs lost | 18% Drop In Body Fat | 24 Weeks


I would recommend Okon Fitness not only for the results that you will get if you put in the work, but the positive group atmosphere that comes with it. There's nothing but positive people that are a part of this team, and that's what really keeps you going. The results that show from week to week is a bonus!

Results: 4.5% Drop In Body Fat | 24 Weeks


People often ask what the secret to success is. As if there is only one. There isn't one secret, there's not one magic button you push and then overnight you become successful. It's a process of hard work and mastering your craft. It's the dedication to stick it out and FIND A WAY to reach your goal, no matter how big the obstacles in your way.

Results: 20 lbs. lost | 15% Drop in Body Fat | 24 Weeks


I have to say joining Okon Fitness and having Angie as my coach is by far the best thing I've ever done and the best investment I ever made. I had tried pretty much everything before but nothing worked. I was struggling trying to lose weight after 3 kids but Angie just changed my life and made me believe everything is possible. Her program and meal plans she had for me just work amazing. I just finished my 12 weeks and I couldn't be happier with how I look and feel so I decided to keep on working with Angie because I have confident that with her help, I can achieve my new goal.

Results 8 lbs lost | 6% Drop In Body Fat | 24 Weeks


Okon fitness has helped me tremendously with their extent of knowledge and support and providing me with the workouts and meal plans I need to be successful. She has taken all of the guess work out of it for me so all I have to is focus on prepping the meals and show up to put in the work. She is responsive and supportive but is also there to make sure that I'm successful.

Results: 8% Drop In Body Fat | 24 Weeks


I made a decision. I decided to stop just wanting and start doing. I was 100% fully committed to changing and vowed to myself that I was going to see it through. Also, this team is literally heaven sent!! Everyone is on their own unique journey, but we all have a common goal. There is nothing like being surrounded by like-minded people and having that strong support system. I definitely didn’t have that before. I’m from Texas and literally flew all the way to Minnesota to meet Angie and a lot of girls on the team because they are THAT amazing! And now I call them my family :) The amount of work and effort Angie and Daniel both put into building this team definitely shows through every single aspect of Okon Fitness. My decision to join Team Okon is most definitely one of the best!

Results: 12.3 lbs lost | 10% Drop In Body Fat | 36 Weeks

Laura L.

I'm 24. I've had 1 kid. I wanted to be stronger and gain more confidence. Today, I'm walking around like I own the world all because Angie gave me the tools for success to be able to do so. Angie is a phenomenal trainer! She's experienced, knowledgeable, and well-researched. She's not here to collect your check and plop your meal and exercise plans in your lap all to say "good luck." She's there every single step of the way. What you're paying for is the experience and she gives you just that. She customizes everything all to your body and how it responds to the changes it undergoes. All you have to do is commit. Once you say "yes", once Angie says "yes". At that point it all lands on you. Angie meets you halfway to give you the answer key to the test! She tells you exactly what to eat, how much, when, which exercise movements to do...You need only follow the plan word for word and you WILL see the progress!

Results: 10 lbs lost | 7% drop in body fat | 12 weeks


The journey with this team has been amazing. I joined this program originally to get in shape, but what I gained was so much more than I could have ever imagined. Angie gives you 110% of her time and efforts if you give the same. She loves what she does and everyone on our team is a constant reminder of what hard work and dedication can do. Every day is a new day and team okon will be there with you every step of the way helping you slay and reach all those goals and more. I've NEVER once looked back and said "dang I wish I didn't invest money and time into this" because Your health is your wealth, and the BEST investment you can in yourself.

Results: 18 lbs lost | 36 weeks


I’m still trying to put into words how much my experience with Okon Fitness has meant to me. You see, I’m what you call an “Okon Fitness Lifer…”

After many months of doing so, I decided she was the person I really wanted to train with. I made that decision for a few reasons:

1. She was always so positive, uplifting, and actually hilarious on her social media. Not only do you feel like you know her as knowledgeable trainer, but someone who practices what they preach, and is a REAL person.

2. She always had great tips for recipes and working out, and so much realness in her blog posts. It is also very educational, and I still continue to learn from her posts.

3. SHE IS ACTUALLY PERSONAL (my #1 reason for choosing her)! With many online trainers, you will find out many are only do it for the money – basically being, the only thing that matters is the quantity of people that sign up for their training to make the most money, not actually how people are progressing. They might feature a few of their program’s “success stories,” but it’s only so people buy into their “product,” which usually only consists of some cookie-cutter meal plan and training that pretty much applies to most people that they help out. Okon Fitness however, is tailored to YOU.

In my experience personally, I came to Okon Fitness, a broken person, the heaviest I had ever been at just shy of 200 pounds, and letting my depression and anxiety suffer even worse because of my weight. I used everything under the sun as an excuse to not work out, and used food as a crutch. I went from being pretty physically fit, but not eating well – and even running a half marathon, to the worst I’ve ever been, and now finally feeling good about myself again because I have my life back.

Results20 lbs lost | 12% body fat change | 24 weeks

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