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Throughout the time I have been an online coach, I have received numerous questions, and wanted to answer as many as possible before you choose to possibly work with me.

  1. Do You Offer In Person Training?
    • No I do not -- all my coaching is done online and through email check-ins. You will have a chance to do a call/skype session with me before we begin though.
  2. What kind of diets are you familiar with?
    • I have had clients who are vegan, vegetarian, high carb, low carb, gluten free, and have had different allergies. Everyone's body is different, so it really does depend on the specific person. 
  3. What if I don't go to a gym and workout at home?
    • We build out excellent home workout custom plans, and create the perfect plan for whatever equipment you have! We also have virtual sessions/bootcamps available, so my program is built for those who are either able to go to the gym or work out mostly at home! I have had many clients who either worked from home and didn't have a gym membership, or were stay at home moms. 
  4. How does the process work?
    • Once you fill out your application or reserve your spot, depending on the program, you will need to fill out another questionnaire about your diet, schedule, and where you are currently at measurement-wise, and then I will get started on your program. Usually clients receive their program on average 7-10 days after they are accepted, and begin the following Monday.
  5. Is there a refund policy?
    • My policy for all my programs is a 30 day  full refund policy. If you are not happy with the program or the product, I will refund you the full amount.

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