This isn't where I started.

We all begin somewhere. It has been a long journey to become who I am today. I have learned so much throughout my journey. I want to invite you on a journey of your own. 

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As you can see, I didn't always look like I do now. The picture on the left was of me back in 2009. The one on the right is a 5 pound difference but a complete change in my body composition (taken in 2016).

I made some wrong choices in my life and ended up in a place where I lacked confidence, was unhappy with myself, and was lost without a purpose. I spent most of the weekends drinking and partying, and then feeling awful by Sunday. I would then do it over and over again every weekend.

With the drinking and partying came a bad attitude, anger, and mindset about life. I was not my true self and I was not living the life I knew I could.

Until the day I had had my moment. The day I had had enough of the negative mindset and bad attitude. This was the day, and it was the day everyday since then. The day I woke up, I mean really woke up, and just decided I was GOING to change my life. I didn’t say MAYBE, I didn’t say TRY, this was going to happen for me.

By thinking with this mindset, I made it impossible to fail at what I set out to do because I knew that my life had purpose, and it was up to me to make that happen.

I knew that to be happy and confident I needed to love myself, and much of my self loathing was physical. So I started small and began biking to the free gym at the university I was attending. I researched healthy foods and educated myself on nutrition and health and I found a coach.

You've Been Lied To: 3 Myths I Used To Believe

Myth #1: Lifting Makes You Bulky

Society has taught women that if they lift heavy weights they will get “bulky” or get “too muscular”. When I first started lifting heavy weights I was so afraid I was going to “look like a man” or get big and “ bulky”. First off, you are not going to get bulky from lifting heavy weights. This is a widely spread misconception that has been passed on from person to person that could not be more wrong.

Myth #2: More Muscle = More Weight

Lifting heavy weights will do quite the opposite, they will make you lose body fat (which typically means less size so no “bulk” here). When you lift heavy with the proper diet you will see muscle growth, when you add muscle your body will burn more fat. I only weigh 5 pounds less than I did back in 2009, but I am much more confident in my own skin. 

Myth #3: You need to starve yourself to lose weight

The truth is, my clients and those who go through my programs generally eat more than before. You will learn from me how to follow a program that can help you learn healthy habits, and then teach you how to create a lifestyle that educates you instead of stunts your growth. No yo-yo dieting here, I want you to succeed for the long-term.



The biggest issues my clients had before they began are what I call "The Big Three"

Over the last several years after helping hundreds of clients, I have found that the main issues my clients have had before finding success with my programs is they don't have one or all of these three things

Lack of nutrition knowledge

The truth is, there are so many fad diets out there. How do you know what is going to work for you. I have tried the Keto diet, low carb diets, high fat diets, no carb diets, fit teas, sweat bands, and so many more just to see how my body reacts. Having the ability to customize a program depending on your body type is one of the most important ways I can serve my clients.

Lack of Motivation

So many times, I have had those who sign up for my programs or become a client say that they have failed several times because they gave up. I have built my programs with that in mind. You aren't achieving your goals because you aren't motivated, it's because you aren't consistently motivated. I have found the secrets to continually motivate my clients and those who go through my programs.

Lack of Community

If I'm completely honest, you cannot do this on your own. There are days that you will want to give up, there are days when you won't think it's worth it to achieve your goals. I have found that the Okon community is one of the most powerful tools to help all my clients achieve their goals.

"Most reviews are biased, so I am here to tell you all the truth about Okon Fitness. This program goes beyond fitness. It will help develop you physically & mentally, and completely transform your life! I was never into fitness before I started my program. My 12-week program got me down 30 pounds...they saw potential in me, that I couldn't see alone. So yeah, #TeamOkon will change your life!"

VIP Client

"So I've been working with Angie for nearly 6 months now (I couldn't stop at 12 weeks...and I am hoping to make it 6 more months!!!), and I cannot even put into words the changes I've seen not just physically but mentally as well. You gain so much more than strength in this program and I'm so blessed to be apart of this team! "

Queen Program

"I would recommend Okon Fitness to my friends because it's a brand like no other. Okon Fitness treats each client as such, each client. You aren't just a number, another candidate, or another bill paid. You're someone who Okon Fitness genuinely wants to not only help, but to succeed. In addition to that, Okon Fitness gives you the tools to be able to succeed long after your program/prep is over. I'm glad that I worked with Okon Fitness."

VIP Client
Megan D.

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