Boss Female Mantras to Live By

/ˈmantrə/ noun
  1. (originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. 
  2. a statement or slogan repeated frequently.
Mantras have been around for at least 3,000 years, but they are making a comeback in our modern society. Today, we use mantras as a form of meditation, empowerment, mindset shift, and motivation. 

Here are my top seven mantras to live by

Accept that failure is going to be part of the process, often. They are your lessons. Learn them.
Set your vibe and be responsible for the energy you bring. You control your mood, no one else.
Work on building strength within the self. If you are solid internally, external influences have little impact.
We are resilient and capable of great things, so when facing adversity, adapt, adjust, realign. You find strength through your greatest battles.
Your perspective can change the entire experience. If you come with expectations that are unmet, simply adjust your perspective, find the silver lining, and enjoy the moments where you can.
When you look at the things you should be grateful for daily, it can shift your attitude. Wake up and think of all the things you are grateful to have and set your tone for the day.

Motivation is an emotion and we are rollercoaster of them. You don’t find success through always being motivated you find it in your daily routine. Keep the habits that bring you where you want to go and the structure of your life will keep you moving forward.

Start implementing these mantras into your daily routine. If you are looking for additional motivation, guidance, and support, join our tribe of successful women today! 

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