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It's Not You, It's Your Period

When combining menstruation with fitness, just being a woman navigating our bodies during our cycle is extremely difficult. The scale, the bloat, the low energy, the emotions..

So let's talk about it. 

I think we have all been here, our cycle is coming, we are feeling all the negative feelings. We are feeling crappy, crabby, and just overall exhausted. And you would think after years of this same cycle we would fully understand what's going on with our bodies and expect it. But yet each month our same symptoms can almost come as a surprise. 

The difference in our bodies during the luteal phase (photo 1) and follicular phase (photo 2) can be very visible and quite uncomfortable due to bloating and water retention. 

Even as a fitness professional who knows damn well right before a menstrual cycle these things WILL happen…

  1. The scale is going to jump up 
  2. You will experience uncomfortable bloating
  3. Crazy wild chocolate cravings (or just cravings for unhealthy...
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