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VIP Spotlight: Morgan Ross Weight-Loss Journey

VIP Client Morgan Ross

Tells her story of how she decided to change her life, lose weight, and gained the courage to take her life back.

Okon has had the honor of working with incredible women over the past 8 years, and Morgan has been an absolute dream client. Everything is interconnected, which is something many of us learn as we start to evolve from wanting to lose weight, to wanting to just FEEL GOOD overall. 

One of the greatest challenges for most in making a big lifestyle change, is taking that first step. And almost 7 month ago she decided that time was now. 

So here is her story, in her own words. 

Who is Morgan?
I am a single mom at the tail end of the most difficult year in my life, divorce, reframing what "family" looks like, personal growth. I am an Account Manager at a Digital Marketing agency. I am a Type A, sarcastic, coffee addict, and recovering people pleaser. I am an over the top singer and dancer that gets 5 star reviews from two year olds :)


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VIP Client Spotlight: Biggest Loser & Go-Getter, Valerie

Who is Valerie?

Mom. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Full-Time Finance Consultant. Side Hustlin' VIPKid English Teacher. I was born and raised in Minnesota. I attended the Univ. of Minnesota for a year and then enlisted on Active Duty in the Army as a Combat Medic; later attending the United States Military Academy at West Point and Commissioning as a Logistics Officer. I spent the last ten years all over the place traveling due to the Army. Since retiring from the Army I'm a full-time Finance Consultant by day and a VIPKid Teacher in the early mornings and evenings. I'm a chronic/genetic disease warrior with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome among other co-morbid conditions which have led to multiple joint surgeries and hardware over the years; I love to shed light and perspective on invisible illnesses and help people realize our biggest limitations really do lie within our own minds. I'm a single momma of a sweet and sassy two-year-old girl and have two dogs who are also 2, Luna, a Great Dane...

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