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Why use the Stairmaster?

fitness Nov 07, 2018

Why do people use the stairmaster?

The stairmaster seems to be a more and more popular option at the gym. Ever wonder why?

Picture yourself at the set of the Rocky scene.

He’s training hard and sprinting up those stairs, sweating at 4:30 AM.

Working his butt off to train hard and beat his archenemy Ivan Drago.

Now picture yourself looking at the line of Stairmasters at the gym. I’m sure this doesn’t give you the same feeling as you would feel if you were in that Rocky scene.

So why do people do the stairs like that?

Did Rocky start a revolution and make everyone want to do stairs, making it a huge fad?

Not likely.

I’m sure you see people on the Stairmaster at the gym and wonder why people do that versus some other cardio exercises that are just as well the same.

Like the treadmill, or the elliptical.

Or the bicycle.

The basis of this answer comes from the nature of the stairmaster and what you are getting out of it.

On the stairs, you are continuing...

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Keys for muscle growth: 12 Science-Backed Techniques

fitness Nov 05, 2018

Your science-based recipe for muscle growth

Ever wondered what the exact strategy is to for muscle growth? 

You're not alone. Many women come to me and ask me how to see muscle growth, and I'll be honest -- it's really hard to do.

My journey has gone on for nine years and counting.

Muscle growth not only takes time, it also takes several elements that are not easy to put together to actually see true results. 

This is why I wanted to give you a complete science-based recipe to grow muscle consistently and over time. 

Throughout this ten minute read, you'll learn what is necessary to see muscle growth, and to do it in a healthy way without sacrificing your long-term health. You'll learn that some simple tips and tools are all that are needed to see the growth in all the areas you have been hoping for.

Your booty.

Your hamstrings.

Your shoulders that you want to see growth in.

As we all know, good things take time. Nothing happens overnight. So take...

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Should I do cardio before or after weight training?

cardio fitness health hiit Apr 23, 2018

A question many ask is this: I like to get cardio out of the way or I enjoy cardio, so can I do cardio first? The answer depends on your goals.

Aerobic vs Anaerobic

I know we are starting off with some big words!

Some of the questions you may have asked in the past is “why can’t I do cardio before my workout and get it out of the way?” Or you may also wonder why HIIT is recommended for you to do instead of just a plain old treadmill workout.

In the following sections, I will explain all this to you.

Back to big words.

ATP And Other Fun Stuff

Your body needs ATP (adenosine triphosphate) as a fuel for your muscles to contract. Without ATP, no bicep curls..or squats for that matter. There are a few systems in your body that use ATP for energy, two of them are your anaerobic system (lactic acid system), and your aerobic system (oxygen system).

Anaerobic System:

Your anaerobic system breaks down glycogen (which is kind of the energy created from...

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