How To: Use your FITMAS Calorie Surplus to Your Benefit -- Holiday Gains the Right Way!


The Holiday Season -- Filled with Joy & Cheer, a time to celebrate when loved ones are near! well as the dreaded holiday weight gain...

Tis’ the season,  to eat all the treats, cheese & meats, a real Holiday Feast... The time of year that we aren't seeing our fitness goals clear, even with the coming New Year!

It is the season of indulgence and we merrily enjoy the festive fulfillment of stuffing ourselves into a ham, potato, pecan pie coma concluding the end of this year in true American culture -- tis the season to binge eat!

But for those of us who want to make it out of the holiday season without gaining the dreaded holiday weight, here are some tips to stay fit.

Tip 1: Eat in moderation & Enjoy time with loved ones

Christmas Dinner— the biggest concern over the holidays for almost everyone! You should partake in your holiday festivities and that INCLUDES FOOD!  You get to have your dinner (try to have some control) your dessert, and whatever things find their way into your mouth. It is only ONE day. One day doesn't make you gain fat, however the days leading to, and following the holiday is typically why we see serious gains (not muscle gains lol). So have a meal, enjoy your people, and get back on track the following day!

Why we gain over the holidays:

  • More parties/social gathering & with parties comes food, drinks & yummy treats
  • We have a f*ck it mentality - "I'll start over - New Year New Me" + "It's the holidays" + "F*ck it Yolo"
  • Our 1 day rolls into 2 & then before we know it it's 2020 and you're up 10 lbs!
  • Lastly, we aren't consuming a healthy diet & prioritizing exercise!

What you should do:

  • Practice Moderation & will power - you can indulge with out overindulging.
  • Don't go to parties/gatherings hungry, eat first -- helps from overeating.
  • Plan one specific gathering you will eat all the food, the rest can be minimal.
  • Don't stop working out and eating healthy! The holidays shouldn't stop you from taking care of your body.

Tip 2: Combine Food + Fitness

Now how can I best effectively utilize such a caloric surplus? Here are the tools used to put all those calories and carbs to work in your benefit! 

You must lift a large muscle group that day before you eat (preferably before). With the work out you are creating a negative net calorie cushion that will increase you caloric expenditure for 3-5 hours after the work out. This is known as the after burn.  The body will burn 15-20% more calories per hour every hour within this window. Additionally the elevated insulin levels that your body experiences after the leg work out will allow you to get away with eating more, without having the usual negative impact that higher calorie foods have. I like to do an epic leg day to match my epic feast!

I have provided a KILLER Glute + Hamstring workout that you can use for your Merry Fitmas -- Bring a buddy, sister, brother, cousin, partner with! I have provided a link to my YouTube with each movement in case you are unsure!

Click here for FULL Glute + Hamstring workout! posted on our Okon IG!

WAIT! I cant do it before! We are doing early Christmas OR I hate morning workouts! Ok.. thats totally cool, do it later just be sure you are using all that extra energy!

Have fun, and remember to give it all you've got and earn that meal! 

Oh NUTCRACKER you went overboard?!?!  (hey, many do! I have too!) How to offset the plan ... THIS is SO simple.

Tip 3: Focus on what you can control -- can't change the past so look ahead

Here are your options:


Following day. Remove all CARBS from your meals. Replace them with fibrous greens. All the GREENS. Loads and LOADS of GREENS! WATERRR ALL OF IT!! That is all. No guilt. No punishment cardio. Go back to normal life routine, diet, and exercise.


Following day. Eat all your normal meals. Drink water. Lots of water. That is all. No guilt. No punishment cardio. Go back to normal life routine, diet, and exercise.

Life is about living and enjoying time with family and friends so focus on that, and not on your diet, I PROMISE eating off plan ONE day is NOT going to ruin your progress.

This concludes my Fitmas 2019 Tips!

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Thanks for taking the time to read!

Angie Marie 

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