Patience & Willpower: The Key to Results

fitness patience willpower Jul 15, 2020

Sometimes we feel like giving up.

Actually, many of us want to give up.

A lot.

It’s something that Steven Pressfield calls Resistance. It’s something that works against us to distract us or discourage us from doing the things we want to do and see true results.

This can come in the form of a family member criticizing our desire to get in better shape.

"It’s just one piece of cake. It’s not going to kill you." - Aunt Betty

How many times has that been said?

In all reality, one piece of cake will not kill you. But the cake does severely damage your willpower. The ability to continue toward a healthy lifestyle is based on your ability to resist the many temptations that you encounter in your daily life.

This is hard.

But in reality, it is resistance that is trying to push you off course. How many times do we begin a New Year with lofty fitness goals, then find ourselves at the Taco Bell drive-through after a...

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