7 At-Home Fit Tips

at home fitness tips Nov 19, 2020

Fitness at home can be very challenging to navigate. Oftentimes we lack motivation, structure, and knowledge of what to do. With limited resources it may seem impossible to stay “fit”, so I am going to share a few tips my clients and I use to stay on track. 

Schedule Your Workouts 

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Yes!! PUT THEM ON YOUR SCHEDULE! Even if you are doing them from home. We tend to thrive on a schedule with a solid routine. Simply plan out specific times during your day to dedicate 30-60 mins of exercise. There is success in a solid routine.


You can effectively workout from home with little to NO equipment. However, when adding resistance/weights to your at-home workouts, you then add a greater challenge with better results. 

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Follow A Workout Program

It can be a challenge to get creative with new workouts and for most, the last thing we want to do is come with a routine daily. Having a custom goal-specific program made specifically for the equipment on hand can make all the difference in the stress of creating a routine. This not only helps with staying on track but gives individuals the opportunity to learn to train intuitively and practice self-motivation. 

Virtual Personal Training and/or Classes

Working out at home even with a great program can still be hard when we lack motivation. Having an online trainer or joining a few virtual classes can help with keeping to a routine and boosting motivation. When we have someone watching or instructing us it can be much easier to push ourselves and stay on track. 

Meal Preparation 

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If you don't prepare, you prepare to fail. Preparation with nutrition is vital for success. Whether it is meal prepping, or just simply having a plan. This can look different from person to person as well as day-to-day. But the key is having a set plan to ensure you aren't left in a situation that has little to no options. Prepare your meals/meal plan for the week and you will find your nutrition, energy, and mood elevated! 

Keeping Healthy Snacks at Home 

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We have all been there, late-night cravings hit, and then we hit the cabinets. MAJOR KEY to not overindulging is to refrain from keeping high caloric/unhealthy snacks in your home. That way when your late-night hunger monster forces you to make your way to the kitchen you are left with good healthy choices!

Accountability Group/Coach/Community 

Support can go a long way. When we have a solid foundation of support and accountability, we tend to be more successful with our plans and staying aligned with our goals. If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together. 

Our day to day routines and activities have changed pretty drastically for many of us this past year. In a time where our health is constantly at risk, we are also challenged with the daily tasks of prioritizing exercise + nutrition in uncertain times. 

With these tips, you can create a routine that you will thrive on. Not everything can be controlled, that's part of life, but if you are prepared for the unexpected you can overcome any obstacle. Implement these tips and you will find staying fit at home is possible for you.

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