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VIP Client Spotlight: Biggest Loser & Go-Getter, Valerie

Who is Valerie?

Mom. Sister. Daughter. Friend. Full-Time Finance Consultant. Side Hustlin' VIPKid English Teacher. I was born and raised in Minnesota. I attended the Univ. of Minnesota for a year and then enlisted on Active Duty in the Army as a Combat Medic; later attending the United States Military Academy at West Point and Commissioning as a Logistics Officer. I spent the last ten years all over the place traveling due to the Army. Since retiring from the Army I'm a full-time Finance Consultant by day and a VIPKid Teacher in the early mornings and evenings. I'm a chronic/genetic disease warrior with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome among other co-morbid conditions which have led to multiple joint surgeries and hardware over the years; I love to shed light and perspective on invisible illnesses and help people realize our biggest limitations really do lie within our own minds. I'm a single momma of a sweet and sassy two-year-old girl and have two dogs who are also 2, Luna, a Great Dane and Oliver, a Shih Tzu.

What made you want to start your fitness journey?

I've always been active in sports since high school, and then through the military and at West Point, I continued to stay active. I was drawn to Okon by the results I saw and the community of absolutely phenomenal women. After my transition from the Army, I needed more structure and help to keep myself accountable and I found that with these awesome ladies! I wanted to feel like my self again after losing so much of my identity in motherhood and in the Army.

What inspires you most?

I'm inspired every day by people who chose to take action in spite of their fears/insecurities/schedules I can't exactly pick one thing. But just knowing that people with my exact situation are out there making the most of it and that we really have the power to shape our destiny keeps me going...even on the days, I don't always feel like it.

What have been the biggest obstacles getting started?

The biggest obstacle was honestly just making the decision and going for it! I had watched and followed Angie on IG for I don't even know how long; but once I submitted my application it was history. As far as adjustments once I really wasn't difficult at all; the app is SO user friendly and the meal plans make it pretty dang simple!

Why did you choose to work with Okon Fitness?

I chose to work with the Okon team because of the results and the energy. It's always such an uplifting environment yet you still get that no bullshit no excuses energy thrown in there too. They give you EVERY resource to make you successful, but at the end of the day you've gotta do the work.

Being a busy hard working woman, how have you managed all the things in your life?

I try to plan things as much as possible; if I have a plan the day prior things are much less likely to get bumped around; I've also just really prioritized my workouts and getting my meals prepped as my "me" time.  We all deserve that...and I just stopped making excuses for why I couldn't get it done.

Have those around you been supportive?

YES. 100% yes.

Do you have any mottos or sayings that you live by every day?

I love love the quote "Success isn't final. Failure isn't Fatal. It's the courage to continue that counts" - Winston Churchill. We all go through ups and downs and seasons in our life and it's really helped me remember that even on my bad days/weeks/months there's no real 'end game' it's all a journey, it's all a process and as long as you're learning, growing and continue...that's not failing.

What is some advice you have for someone who is just getting started?

JUST GO FOR IT. Push yourself. You won't regret it.

Favorite healthy meal? 

Rice, wholly guac and grass-fed steak

Favorite cheat? 


Favorite lift?

Glutes or shoulders (i used to HATE shoulders bc I've had surgery on both..but now I love them bc I see all the progress being made)

Favorite physical trait about yourself?

My eyes (which I also used to be super self-conscious the point of wearing brown contacts to cover them)


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