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VIP Client Spotlight: Danielle S.

Who is Danielle?

Danielle is a wife, mom (to a spunky 2-year-old and 3 cats), and full-time worker who loves time with her family and friends. She is often found working at her desk during the week and enjoying any type of activity, snuggles with her daughter, and/or a good Hallmark movie on the weekends!

What made you want to start your fitness journey?

It was a combination of missing activities I used to get through dancing and finding time for myself that drove me to this journey; I hoped, and have found, that starting this fitness journey would give me what I desired. 

What inspires you most?

I tend to look to people for inspiration and that is true in this case as well; while there are several people that motivate me in different aspects of my life, my sister and daughter have been the biggest drivers in this journey. First, my sister has always been my rock, my person, and the person I look up to; she accomplishes everything she sets her mind to and lives a truly happy life. I want to grow up to be just like her. Second, my daughter is a light to this world and anything I can do to keep up with her will benefit us both and our family.  I want to run with her, play with her, and take part in all her adventures, and being healthy will allow me to do that. 

What have been the biggest obstacles to getting started?

Realizing that I could find time in the day to focus on this journey and myself for an hour or two was the hardest point of getting started. I didn’t think that I would be able to maintain consistency and I thought I would lack the discipline to stay on track.     

Why did you choose to work with Okon Fitness?

In 2020, my sister told me about her friend who had a trainer (Angie) and that I should follow her on Instagram. I was drawn to the discipline and progress that she shared and saw all the people she worked with progressing in their journeys. Earlier this year I looked into the programs she offered and decided it was time to sign-up and I’m glad I did!!

Being a busy, hard-working woman and mother, how have you managed everything in your life?

Finding the right time to get what I need to do, and not feeling like I’m missing out on other things in my life has been key to my progress. I found that going to the gym after work made me miss family time and trying to run to the gym during a lunch break was not successful. I decided to try getting up early to get my workouts in and that has been amazing; 4 am is early, no doubt about it, but I get ‘me’ time, my family is sleeping, the gym is quiet (meaning I can use any machine I need to) and I kick my day off on the right foot.  Sometimes I squeeze in a nap after the gym and then continue through my day. I have to pointedly work on food prep and struggle if I don’t make time to get groceries or have unexpected trips/events come up, but it’s a work in progress and that’s ok. 

Have those around you been supportive?

My husband has been my #1 cheerleader and has supported me every step of the way. He writes encouraging messages on our chalkboard, makes sure I get time to go to the gym on the weekends, and he’s ok with eating the same thing every day for dinner (thanks hubby)!

Do you have any mottos or sayings that you live by every day?

I have a sign in my office that says “do more of what makes you happy”; it’s a constant reminder to be positive, be happy in what I’m doing, and look for the good in what life has to offer.

What is some advice you have for someone who is just getting started?

Don’t get discouraged if it’s hard to start – it’s always hard to make lifestyle changes. But remember all of the little changes add up to a big change. If you miss a workout, go off your meal plan, don’t check in, etc. give yourself grace; we’re all human!

Fun Facts about Danielle?

I’m a huge klutz. I love dancing. I love animals.

Favorite healthy meal? 

I love a good salad with all the delicious toppings (even some toppings that may make it unhealthy).

Menu - The Big Salad

Favorite cheat? 

Spaghetti – It has been my favorite meal since I can remember.  Donuts also rank high on the list!

Spaghetti Doughnuts Are Now A Thing In NYC

Favorite lift? 

I love back workouts, but a specific lift I like is squats (all of them).

Favorite physical trait about yourself? 

My smile has been pretty big these days and it's always nice to see, but I like my collarbone/shoulders.  I think that comes from being in dance and always needing to present my arms well.  

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