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Okon Fitness VIP Spotlight: The Newlyweds

Uncategorized May 04, 2017

The background
Sometimes we get to glimpse into the transformation of our clients. Sometimes we get to sit at the front row and enjoy the beautiful view. This is one of those times.

We have been so blessed to have Micaela and Trenton as clients. To see their journey from the beginning to now has been nothing short of amazing. We hope their story not only inspires you, but encourages you to know that you can make changes to your diet and life, and you are powerful enough to create that change. This is Micaela and Trenton, and this is their story.

Starting Out

We were trying to lose weight on our own at first, but it was too difficult. We didn’t know what to eat and we had no idea what exercises to do in the gym. I (Micaela) was so insecure with my body and it was really starting to affect my overall happiness.

I didn’t like going out because I felt fat in everything I would put on. When I saw how uplifted Daisey was after being on the program I knew I wanted to be a part of it! Once Trenton saw how excited I was he wanted to be a part of it with me.

Previous Attempts
I (Trenton) tried to make workouts for us, but we were consistent at all. It was too difficult creating different workouts for the week so we eventually just stopped going all together.

I (Micaela) had a trainer that I met with twice a week and I only lost a total of 4 pounds in one month. I thought since I was working out I could eat whatever, but I was completely wrong. I didn’t know how much the nutrition had an impact, until I started working with Okon Fitness.

I thought since I was working out I could eat whatever, but I was completely wrong. I didn’t know how much the nutrition had an impact, until I started working with Okon Fitness.

The Difference
When you don’t know how to get somewhere, you use GPS or get step by step instructions. Our programs were our personal GPS! We told Angie where we wanted to be and she provided us with step by step instructions on how to get there.

The programs and meal plans were written in a way that we could easily understand and this made it easy for us to follow. We weren’t into the whole fitness lifestyle before this so we didn’t have any real knowledge or passion for it.

When you don’t have to think about what to eat or stress about workouts it save a lot of time and mental stress. We literally just did EXACTLY WHAT WE WERE TOLD to do and we started seeing results ever week!

Overcoming Obstacles
Starting was the easiest part for us. We were super excited to hit the ground running and we went hard! The obstacles started around week 3, when we wanted to eat candy and cookies. It’s like we were in rehab for being sugar addicts!

Talking about goals daily is what kept us motivated. Each week when Angie would send feedback, we would sit and talk about it and share our transformation picture with each other. This was a big deal for us because we see each other every day, so it is hard for us to notice the progress. Angie would point out things to us that we didn’t even think about (i.e. toned legs or back muscles).

Talking about goals daily is what kept us motivated.

Angie isn’t there with us 24/7 so having one another held us accountable. And because we are so close we had no problem telling each other the truth when we were slacking. It was annoying having someone telling you to “stop cheating on your meal plan” or “finish your cardio,” but that open honesty is what kept us going 100%.

Trenton & Micaela’s Advice
If you are not mentally ready to commit, then don’t sign up! This process is for people that are truly ready to change their lives and that mentality is what will determine your progress. The best thing about Okon Fitness is the #TeamOkon Facebook group. If you are just getting started, go follow positive workout pages and surround yourself with positivity. This was an amazing journey for us and we had a great time challenging ourselves each week.

Our new thing we say to each other is: “Follow the GPS”

This basically reminds us that if we deter from the plan, it’ll take us longer to get there. It taught us not to listen to those “backseat drivers” around us that try to tell us differently than what our GPS says.

We know they have never been where we are trying to go, but we know that the GPS will get us there. Just think about how difficult it would be, to drive to a destination you’ve never been without directions! It would take forever and you would eventually give up. But if you have a GPS with you and you follow it, you will get to your destination in no time!

Looking Ahead

We see ourselves living a long healthy lifestyle and we plan to live by example to inspire others. We know what it is like to struggle with our image and health. Just being able to share our testimony with others, is amazing.

Thanks guys! You are amazing and a huge inspiration, the world needs to hear your story!

Comment from Angie & Daniel
We are absolutely blessed to have clients like Micaela and Trenton. This is why we do what we do. They are beautiful inside and out, and we are so grateful we were able to be a part of their amazing journey.

If this inspired you, please take a moment and share this with a friend who could use the inspiration, and hit the heart as well so more people can see this and be inspired!


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