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SHOCKING Facts about your favorite Healthy Protein Bars

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2017

Not all Protein Bars are created equal! Be sure to read labels and choose bars according to your goals. We were interested in see how these advertised “healthy bars” compared. The results for some are rather shocking. I have provided a list of popular Protein Bars with ratings of absolute worst to the best.

Protein Bars are awesome on-the-go snacks or meal replacements but keep in mind ‘ALL THINGS IN MODERATION’ — For a greater selection in store the best places to find these bars are at your local vitamin shoppe, GNC, Compete Nutrition, etc. You can also purchase in bulk online through many different online stores such as Below has the comparisons, ENJOY! (But not too much)

Fit Crunch Protein Bar — Peanut Butter
Worst Bar of all on the list — almost the highest grams for weight at 88g this is more than all the other bars listed. This is also a SHOCKING 380 calories a bar! Most consume theres bars as an on-the-go snack — this is equivalant to a full meal. That is double the Quest bar! This bar is also very high in fat. Unless you are trying to gain weight…avoid this bar as your “healthy snack”


Serving Size 1 bar
Amount Per Serving: Protein 30g — Calories 380 — Total Carbohydrates 27g — Dietary Fiber 2g — Sugar 6g — Sodium 490mg — Total Fat 16g — Saturated Fat 8g e

Flavor Rating: 9/10
Healthy Rating: 1/10

Quest Protein Bar— Chocolate Brownie
#1 Best Bar — Choose this bar if you are in a crunch. Lowest in calories, Less than 1g of sugar, pre


Serving Size 1 bar Amount Per Serving: Protein 20g — Calories: 170 — Total Fat 7g — Saturated Fat 1g — Total Carbohydrate 22g — Dietary Fiber 15g — Sugars >1g — Erythritol 1g — Sodium 260mg

Flavor Rating: 4/10
Healthy Rating: 9.5/10

Kombat Crunch Bar Peanut Butter Cup

Serving Size 1 bar Amount Per ServingProtein 20g — Calories 210— Sodium 459mg — Dietary Fiber 12g — Sugar Alcohol 1g — Sugars 5g — Total Carb. 28g —
Total Fat 7g — Saturated Fat 4g

Flavor Rating: 6.5/10
Healthy Rating: 6.5/10 (depends on your fitness goals)

Pure Protein — Chocolate Peanut Caramel
This is on the higher end of healthier options for bars. The calories are 3rd lowest on all these options provided, it comes surprisingly second to Quest Protein is similar to all other bars, lowest in carbs but higher in sugar alcohols.


Serving Size 1 bar Amount Per Serving — Protein 20g — Calories 190 — Sodium 180mg — Sugars 2g — Sugar Alcohol 8g — Total Carb. 17g Total Fat 6g

Flavor Rating: 7/10
Healthy Rating: 7/10

Luna Bar — Nutz Over Chocolate
This is rated as a healthy snack — with the smallest weight in grams, low in calorie it stands out as a better option. But if you are looking for a higher amount of protein this is the lowest amount for all the other bars. This is the 3rd healthiest choice.


Serving Size 1 bar Amount Per Serving — Protein 9g — Calories 170 — Sodium 170mg — Dietary Fiber 3g— Sugars 7g — Total Carb. 24g Total Fat 8g

Flavor Rating: 7.5/10
Healthy Rating: 6/10 — points docked due to low protein amount

Clif Builder’s Bar — Chocolate Peanut Butter
#1 Worst Bar comparison to best bar (same in weight) With higher calories, 21g of sugar which is the same as a snickers bar and 30g of carbs unless you are BUILDING (as the label says) stay away!


Serving Size 1 bar Amount Per Serving — Protein 20g — Calories 280 — Sodium 340mg — Dietary Fiber 2 g — Sugars 21g — Total Carb. 29g — Total Fat 10g — Saturated Fat 4g

Flavor Rating: 8/10
Healthy Rating: 2.5/10 -you probably should just eat a candy bar!!

RX Bar — Peanut Butter Chocolate
This bar is ranked 3rd in the race for unhealthy…. With 13g of sugar you are getting close to the same gram as a candy bar…protein is also low in comparison to other bars.


Serving Size 1 bar Amount Per Serving — Protein 12g — Calories 210 — Sodium 260mg— Sugars 13g — Total Carb. 21g 10g

Flavor Rating: 8.5/10
Healthy Rating: 1/10

Cake Bites — Birthday Cake
This is on the lower end of healthy…calories are higher, although sugar levels aren’t terrible these CAKE BITES should not be part of your everyday diet.

Nutrition Facts 63g

Serving Size 1 bar Amount Per Serving — Protein 20 g — Calories 240— Sodium 170mg — Sugars 5g — Total Carb. 25g

Flavor Rating: 9.5/10
Healthy Rating: 5/10


OH Yeah ONE — Maple Glazed Donut
This is also a moderately healthy bar…but be wary of Sugar Alcohols, in comparison this is also a bit higher end for calories


Serving Size 1 bar Amount Per Serving — Protein 20g — Calories 220 — Sodium 140mg — Sugars 1g — Sugar Alcohol 10g — Total Carb. 24g Total Fat 8g

Flavor Rating: OMG/10
Healthy Rating: 6/10

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