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VIP Client Spotlight: Rylie S.

Who is Rylie?

Hello, my name is Rylie Scheff. I am a 28-year-old substance abuse counselor with two dog babies and a fiancé at home. I am a positive beacon of light that helps others believe they can do things others have said they can not. I work hard to bring positivity to a world full of darkness and provide help for those who need it the most.

Tell us about your journey with Okon Fitness

As many people did during the pandemic, I started to realize something was missing from my life, and that "something" was me! I am always taking care of others so for a long long time, I stopped taking care of myself. I came to this realization that my life was morphing into the life of my fiancé. His friends were my friends, his hobbies were my hobbies, and I woke up one morning and said WOAH WOAH WOAH I need to find myself again. I needed to be reminded of who I was, what I enjoyed, what I looked for out of life, and what I wanted to continue to grow into. When I was in college one of my best friends took me under her wing and showed me what weight lifting is and what it can do for your self-esteem. During that time I used the gym as a way to reconnect with myself mentally, but once school stopped and the real world came around, I stopped doing those things. Fast forward to me sitting on my couch scrolling through Instagram and came across an advertisement for Okon. I decided to give it a try and started with Cora as my coach. I started the program with some reservations, as I did not know anything about these women or what I was getting myself into. I was doing the virtual boot camps and was getting my but kicked, but week after week I saw progress. I really dove into the program once they created The Body-ody challenge and really immersed myself in the community. As Covid restrictions started to lift we began having in-person boot camps and I began making friendships with other women in the program. Not only did I attend these whenever I could, but I also made sure to attend all extra activities, specifically meet and greet ice skating, BBQs, and embrace north. The women I was now surrounding myself with are strong, hard-working, independent, and have hearts of gold, and these women went from strangers to standing in my corner, and I can never express the gratitude I have for that and them. While this was happening, my body was changing as I was staying 100% consistent on my program, I started to notice other things were changing as well. My confidence skyrocketed, not only in the way I looked but in the way I carried myself. I remembered the power I hold. 

What inspires you the most?

This is going to sound cocky but, me. I am my biggest motivation. I have to be. and I have to consistently remind myself where I have been, what I have accomplished this far, and why I want to keep pushing to get to where I want to be. Being mindful and enjoying the whole process has been so important to me, as I can be mean to myself in my own head and I have worked on giving credit when credit is due.  

What have been the biggest obstacles to getting started?

My biggest obstacle in starting was honestly myself and the thoughts of others judging me because that had been my experience in the past. I really had to push myself out of my comfort zone and walked into my first boot camp not knowing a single person but Cora, who I had only talked to on the phone a couple of times for check-ins. After that first one, I was hooked. 

Being a busy, hard-working woman, how have you managed everything in your life? Have those around you been supportive?

Now being on the program for almost two years, I have found a balance between being 100% on my meal plan and also living a life I love and am proud of. Following the little tips and tricks, Cora and Angie have given me on the way has helped me succeed in this, they are always willing to listen to frustrations and help create a plan for success. others were very supportive of me because I was honest with them about my goals and once I did that, everyone who loves me wanted to help me, and those who tried to influence me otherwise showed their true intentions. 

Do you have any mottos or sayings that you live by every day?

Another reason I will forever be an Okon woman is because of the wellness trips they offer at least once a year. During our Costa Rica trip, Angie and Cora went out of their way to make it a space safe for everyone's needs and desires and we were able to work with each other to develop personal growth. We worked on true self-care and refocused on what is important in life. A motto I now hold close to my heart now is "She can do all things" as that was the motto of our wellness retreat to Costa Rica! This was another example of being reminded of the power I hold. 

What is some advice you have for someone who is just getting started?

Advise for others? Don't wait. Make yourself a priority today and every day. You cannot take care of others if you aren't taking care of yourself. Joining this program isn't just about weight loss or exercise, truly it is about leveling up. Leveling up our attitudes, our thoughts, our beliefs, our goals, and our accomplishments. As Angie says, Alone you can go fast, together you can go far. 

Fun Facts about Rylie?

Fun fact: Before becoming an addiction counselor, I auditioned to be a Disney princess. My current favorite meal includes salmon in my air fryer and that is a game changer. My favorite cheat meal is pasta or desserts. My favorite day is back day because I always feel strong on those days. my favorite trait about myself is my baby blues or my smile (thanks for the braces mom).

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