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Foolproof Travel Tips: Stay On Track

Traveling outside of your day to day...and suddenly you don't remember how to eat healthy, working out is a thing of yesteryear, you're eating like calories don't count cuz YOLO ... and before you know it you've completely been off track for days maybe even weeks on end. 

What if I told you, you can still go on vacation, travel, or teleport to another planet and stay on track (just make sure you research the food available LOL we will get to that)

Healthy habits and routines tend to fall to the wayside when we go on a trip or travel especially to an unknown area. Whether it be a road trip, a work trip, vacation catching flights. Often we complicate the situation or lack the tools to successfully stay on track.

So let me give you my 4 scenarios, paired with the simple tools to stay on track no matter where you go..  on earth at least lol.


Travel Tip #1: You are going on a fabulous dream vacation, but you don't want to "ruin" all your hard work.

First off, how exciting! Vacation is such a great time to DE-STRESS and just enjoy yourself, so first things first go into the vacation not putting too much stress and anxiety around food and exercise. There is always a way. First, with any traveling, PLAN + PREPARE! (I'm going to say this a lot throughout the article - kind of like a broken record lol)

If you are planning a trip often you are researching the area for activities, restaurants, sightseeing, etc. This is a great time to research whether the location you are staying in has a gym, or if there is a local one nearby (most gyms have week passes). This is also a great time to look over menus to see which restaurants will have some good options for you to choose from so you aren't eating all the calories the whole time. Lastly, if you are staying somewhere that has a full kitchen, cook some of your meals and grab some groceries! Not only will this lower the anxiety but also saves you some money (if you care about that kind of stuff). 

PRO TIP: Also plan out the BIG calorically dense meals. I believe that on vacation there should be a balance as you have in life. So be mindful while on your vacation of what you are consuming, plan the days/restaurants you want to indulge in and enjoy your vacation without the stress. 

Simply, plan, be mindful and enjoy yourself. Do not let this control your entire trip, do your best and get back on track post-vacation.

Travel Tip #2: Heading out of town to visit family, friends, or a bumble date (lol mostly kidding, but share your location to be safe).

This should be easier when it comes to having what you need or having access to get the things you need while on your trip! Communicating the importance of your health/fitness lifestyle to loved ones makes this a lot easier, it doesn't mean they will always agree or understand but most people want to be a good host and will accommodate without hesitation. As stated in tip #1, PLAN and PREPARE! If you are staying with someone (i hope they have a kitchen), plan to cook your food, or recommend some healthy food options while you are in town. The same goes for outings, look into what is nearby with good options that keep you eating your healthy diet. Working out can be an easier task if you are familiar with the area, finding a gym should be a bit easier or ask your host what they recommend. Be sure to remember to not focus too heavily on things if they are proving to be difficult, aside from preparing in advance, things can happen! So do your best and be mindful.

PRO TIP: Include your host in your plans for workouts, hiking, healthy habits, this doesn't have to be a pain, make it fun!


Travel Tip #3: Driving out of town for work 

Outside of the desk job, many have days they have to make a trip to another office, meet clients, or head to a meeting. Often we tend to get off track due guessed it, lack of planning for the trip ahead! Number 1, if you have a cooler, PACK IT! The nice thing about having a gas station every so many miles is most also have microwaves. So if you aren't a fan of eating your food cold, pop in, use the microwave, steal a fork and chow down in the car! Number 2, there are many non-perishable items you can pack that need no refrigeration like rice cakes, almonds, protein bars, fruit, peanut butter, etc. It's smart if you are a frequent road warrior to have a bag packed with food just in case! Number 3, MOST gas stations have healthy on-the-go grabs. Not quite a full meal but often enough to snack on until you can get a nutritious meal. Number 4, there have been some amazing developments in the fast-food industry over the years that cater to healthier food. Grab chipotle, stop and grab a grain bowl, grab a salad, if you are looking for healthier options, odds are you will find them! You don't have to live off processed junk food you find on the road! 

PRO TIP: You can travel across the country and STILL eat a healthy diet, just need to plan ahead of time.

Travel Tip #4: All travels, diet restriction... from gluten-free, vegan, to breatharian...

Over the past 5 years, we have seen the food industry shift and adapt to people's need for more variety and healthier options, love that for us! Just as all the other tips above, it just takes planning and doing a bit of research to find them. If your focus is being mindful and choosing healthier options, IT IS POSSIBLE, just takes a little work. Many menus have gluten-free options, vegan options, as well as the connivance of choosing to remove some added foods from a meal to keep you eating the good foods your body loves. 

PRO TIP SUMMARY: If there is a will, there is a way. In today's world, we have little excuses to not eat healthy (unless you live in the middle of nowhere or another planet). It is a choice. Whether you have a good diet or a bad diet is entirely decided by you. Be mindful, plan ahead, and keep putting good nutritious fuel in your vessel. This is the body you have for the rest of your life, so take care of it!

If you are unsure HOW to properly fuel your vessel lol, we are here to help guide and direct you towards a healthy, happier, you :) Click here if you are looking for help! 

Hope you enjoyed these travel tips and make the lifelong commitment of taking care of the beautiful body you live in, take care of it, and it will take care of you.

xoxo Angie Marie 

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