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VIP Client Spotlight: FitMom Taylor

Uncategorized May 06, 2020

Who is Taylor?

I work at the Children's Hospital in Minnesota. I am a friend, wife, daughter, and mother to two beautiful children. 

What made you want to start your fitness journey?

I wanted to be healthy enough to live a long life enjoying time with my family. I have never been out of shape, but wanted to add muscle rather than fluffiness and needed help staying accountable.

What inspires you most?

I’m inspired by those around me that strive to build others up and congratulate even the smallest of wins in the lives of others.

What have been the biggest obstacles getting started?

The biggest obstacle is the craziness of a busy life. It’s the lack of good quality and good length sleep, it’s the kids’ schedules and my husband’s schedule. It’s work plus school and trying to live somewhat of a social life.

Why did you choose to work with Okon Fitness?

I needed to have a group that held me accountable. I knew that I wanted to eventually compete in a bikini competition and wanted to work with those who worked primarily with women and for women. Angie is so inspiring and I’ve met crazy amounts of friends along the way. Each person truly cares about the next person, and that was important to me. It was intriguing to me that there was a way to have fun, workout, eat healthily, and make friends all at the same time. It hasn’t disappointed me yet!

Being a busy hard working woman, how have you managed all the things in your life?

I have to go in with a plan. I meal prep on Sundays, and I have recently gotten help from my husband on the meal prep, which has been really nice. Another thing with meal prep — you have to keep it simple, and even if its simple you can still add spices to make things different.

Tips – Schedule it in, and commit to that schedule. Keeping promises to yourself is so difficult honestly. I mess up a lot, but I just make sure I get my fitness or healthy meals after the fact if I’m not able to when I scheduled it for. Take some YOU time. Rather than always worrying about others, make sure to worry about yourself and take care of yourself (your kids will thank you later for a happier, healthier you) 

Do you have any mottos or sayings that you live by every day?

This too shall pass

What is some advice you have for someone who is just getting started?

Don’t take things too hard. Your progress is not the same as that of the next person. I used to struggle with comparison (honestly still do) because I may not progress as quickly as I would like to or as quickly as I THINK the next person is. But I feel good, and taking time to do something that I enjoy and that will help me enjoy my life each day is super important to me.

Favorite healthy meal? 

Steak salad.

Steak Salad | The Cozy Apron

Favorite cheat? 

Pizza and wine!

How to pair pizza with wine?

Favorite lift?

Upright rows (LOVE shoulders) and squats!



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