The 10 Best Strategies On Staying On Track During Trips & Events

health & nutrition Jun 17, 2020
Help! I have an event/I have to travel and I don’t want to eat off plan but I also don’t know how to navigate to stay on track! Sound like your current situation? Well..welcome to living a fit healthy life in an unfit world! Let me help you!! These are my best tips to give others who are really trying to make their health a priority and not just a quick fix.

Here are my 10 best tips to staying on track!

1. Be too blessed to be stressed!

Don’t stress. It’s ok. It’s only food. So many times people will skip events behave there will be good they can’t eat or alcohol and they want to avoid temptation.. which makes sense... not realistically... food and drinks are everywhere... so you’re better off learning what you can do with what you have without stressing yourself the Fuck out. It will be ok. I promise.

2. You've got options - know what they are!

Know your options before you go! If you know what restaurant you will be at, look online at the menu! See if they have something that fits in your macros or is a healthy option that won’t derail your progress (not likely for anything to derail it from ONE meal but .. you feel me). Make a call ahead too if you’re wanting information on how a certain meal is prepared, that way when You order with your group you don’t feel “like that person” .. personally I don’t care I’ll ask 1000 questions, but that’s not for everyone.

3. Assess your healthy macro options!

Be looking for a protein source (fish, chicken breast, steak, etc) & a veggie and try to avoid any that are in sauces or marinates... you can also ask for any sauces to be kept on the side. You can’t always guarantee the veggies aren’t cooked in butters and sauces but asking helps, a little butter won’t be the worst thing but it’s important to be mindful. Keep is very simple at restaurants. Reasons I avoid carbs — unless you can get a plain baked potato, plain oats, a plain bowl of rice (basically any complex carbs) I usually avoid it. Carbs are usually made with butters, sauces, and extra things to make them taste extra delicious... also has extra calories... so if you don’t know what’s in it, don’t get it.

4. The Secret Menu is the Healthiest

If you are at a restaurant with a full menu, you can likely order OFF menu. What does that mean? A “side” or custom order. You can simply ask, for a chicken breast and a veggie. Or if you have a fat many times I will ask for avocado or guacamole.. or a side salad, chicken, and olive oil as an example (or a oil based vinegarette)

5. What will you be having? Vodka Ton...Erm Tonic Lime!

You are going to a party and there is happy hour!! Oh no! Everyone is going to ask why you’re not drinking! Then they’ll insist you have one. Then you’ll feel rude saying no. So you drink. First off. It is less socially acceptable for people at a part time to not drink then it is for someone to get shit faced. Why? I don’t know. But a few tips I suggest to get people to leave you alone if you’re trying to stay away from alcohol. Get a diet soda and add a lemon... or get a tonic and add lemon. Usually people feel at ease when you’re drinking something and they won’t make a theatrical affair about getting you a drink. Second, you can have a causal glass of a red wine or get one drink to sip on through out the night if you’re a causal drinker. Or lastly, you can tell people to fuck off because it’s your choice what you choose to put in your body and what you choose not to.. and for all they know you’re a recovering alcoholic or pregnant!!!

6. Marriage Menus (Few Choices)

I’m at an event and they have a set menu and none of it healthy! HALP! Ok. This is something that can’t be avoided especially if you’re a person who has friends that like to get married or you have parties that are fancy af and provide a limited menu. So here’s what you can do. EAT your health meal BEFORE you go. That helps you from even being hungry. Then you can either choose to opt out of the meal (some people feel bad so they choose not to do this) .. and if you don’t like being the one person not eating, choose the healthiest option and simply pick at it lol — like your mother yelled at you not to do.

7. Long Ass Events

I have a work or life event that I’m unsure how long I will need to be there, what if I get hungry?? Easy. Be prepared! Pack an extra meal. Then on top of that pack a couple healthy snacks in case that meal doesn’t last. There are a lot of things that can easily fit in a purse including Tupperware. A small pack of almonds, a piece of fruit. A couple rice cakes, a small packet of nut butter, a healthy protein bar, a homemade protein bar, a premade shake ... need i go on? The moral of the story, be PREPARED.

8. But I'm stuck in an airplane!

I have a flight and I don’t know how to stay on track. First off, you can bring food on your carry on. So prep your meals! Just take them out during TSA check point. Second you can also bring non perishable foods if you don’t want to bring a cooler/bag (also coolers are incredible now days, they’re like purse/coolers — check that out). You can always bring a bag of almond. A couple pre-made shakes, a few pieces of fruit, or rice cakes & nut butter (packets not the whole thing they’ll confiscate it). Lastly, now days most airports carry healthy options! So it you forgot or didn’t have time the little stores have everything you need to stay on track, not to mention resort back to tip 3, 4, and 5 because most airports have nice restaurants.. at least the ones I’ve been tO...

9. I'm prepped for a whole day..for my week long trip 🤔

I prepped enough food for my day of traveling but what do I do when I get there?! Lots of options. First, did you book a room that has a full kitchen? If you’re answer is yes, hit up the grocery store and you’re set! I actually try to book a hotel with a full kitchen if I can. No full kitchen, but I do have a microwave & fridge.


Hit up the grocery store 😁 there are many options you can find that can be made via the microwave ( for example pre-made frozen chicken, microwave rice, steam able veggies, egg white can be cooked in the microwave...and the fridge will keep your food nice and fresh 🙏🏾) I have nothing but a bed. This is where packing non perishable items will be vital & also researching what’s available to eat at in the area... so go back to tips 2,3 & 4. Lastly, continental breakfast usually has great healthy options (not the waffles sadly) so stock up! Grab some fruits, peanut butter, plain oatmeal, yogurt (check the sugars!), hard boiled eggs and that will help you start your morning off right & also provide a couple in between meals!

10. Don't make excuses 

Most important tip is of course, be prepared and if you aren’t after all the above know that it is then just an excuse. With all the options and resources we have when traveling you can make better choices. Prepare yourself for a successful trip or make an excuse and stay frustrated. Our world does not cater to health as much as it does convenience, so being equipped to navigate in less than ideal situations will be the greatest tool to living a healthy life.

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