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Smart Cheating (Lifestyle Version)

You see her on your Instagram feed. That #goals woman crush that you want to be like. Maybe at some point that was me, but I guarantee you this example isn’t me.

It’s that fit IG model that is posting photos of her taking a bite of a donut in all her abs and toned/fit glory.

She’s living the dream isn’t she.

Donuts, pizza, and rock hard abs you can see from a mile away. I want to teach you how to cheat like this so you can experience the same thing.

Yet..the fact of the matter is that if I told you how to do this I would be lying to you and short-changing you toward your goals. You see, the photos you see of these Instagram models who are eating the donut, pizza, or cake end up being less than 2% of their actual diet over a very long period of time.

They aren’t eating like this regularly, no matter what they say in their bio “donut queen, cake queen, pizza & weights.”

The truth is, if they are eating a donut, they have already accounted...

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