Muscle-Building Timelines

"I don't want to get BULKY or BIG, I put on muscle quickly"...this is a pretty big misconception when it comes to muscle building. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard someone say they put on muscle really fast, 1) I would be fairly rich 2) we would have WAY more bodybuilders walking around, lol real talk. 

The reality (for majority of the population), putting on lean mass takes a lot of time, and I hate to say it, but people who think they can be a bodybuilder or super muscular in under 6 months, is either delusional, or misinformed. 

So, let's break this down with some science and actual research. 

Building muscle is a slow process, relatively speaking, and with proper nutrition and smart training a natural athlete could put on between 8-15 pounds of muscle within 1 year, keep in mind every person is different and results may vary. That is a pretty realistic number. Since muscle growth will rarely exceed even 1/3 of a pound in one day and there are...

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How To Gain Lean Muscle Mass

lean muscle weight loss Apr 29, 2022

You've been working at the gym, but you haven't seen the results you've been working toward.

So many times people think that going to the gym day after day and pumping iron is going to add muscle quickly and efficiently. What many don't know is that too much time at the gym can actually make you regress more than improve toward your fitness goals of adding lean muscle. 

You're at the gym for an hour lifting weights, and you feel proud because even though others are only lifting for 45 minutes, you lift for an hour and a half! Well, wait right there!

Did you know that after around an hour of working out, your body actually starts to produce a hormone called cortisol? Why is cortisol not good for you? Because as your cortisol increases your testosterone decreases. This is very tough on your body, and has a pretty sizable effect on your ability for muscle growth. You may be asking yourself, "what should I do instead of going crazy at the gym for countless...

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